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New Scratch Off Ticket System WalkThru

As you might have seen by now you can earn coins by being active here on PSC (Power Surf Central). You do this by taking part in our weekly guest surf where you are required to surf 50 pages at Hitsafari, Soaring4Traffic, Realhitz4u and the random guest exchange for that day. We are looking at [...]

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Search For Your Fellow Surfers

We found one function missing from the site and that function was being able to easily find other members within our system. This is why we created the new search function that will allow you to search for people via their first and last name within the PSC system. To access the search function you [...]

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New Leader board Feature

In order to be successful in any program the key thing is to be active and engaging. This includes promoting and referring in others to the program you are a part of. Power Surf Central is no different  by referring others to PSC you are not only building your downline and earning income at PSC but [...]

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Setting Up Your PSC Rewards Program

Welcome to the new and improved Power Surf Central. Where we reward you for promoting your business. This is a new innovative site which we consider a LIVE site, all that means is we continually update it every week to keep it on the cutting edge and make sure your earning the most rewards and [...]

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PSC Surf Bonus Explained

PSC = Power Surf Central Did you now just for being a free member at Power Surf Central and surfing at our 3 core exchanges at the same time will earn you a bonus? Well it’s true! and if you upgrade you will earn a second bonus on top of that. This second bonus is [...]

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How Should I Use Power Surf Central Effectively?

Not all traffic exchanges are equal and trust me there are many to pick from. However power surf central and its core exchanges Hitsafari, Soaring4Traffic and Realhitz4u are producing amazing results because our members surf for the right reasons. What makes a traffic exchange work is by viewing and joining others lists, programs and sites [...]

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What Are PowerPoints?

Power points are a unique made up currency on power surf central. They are reward points that are earned for doing certain tasks. These tasks include surfing a required number of pages on certain traffic exchanges, earning coins to win power points and may just be given out as a welcome or bonus gift from [...]

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What Is A Traffic Exchange?

Like you I once was brand new to traffic exchanges but fell in love with the idea of promoting my ads to thousands for free. It was because of this I started my own exchange a few years ago and now created Power Surf Central. Like any marketing niche there is a right way to [...]

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