PSC Surf Bonus Explained

PSC = Power Surf Central

Did you now just for being a free member at Power Surf Central and surfing at our 3 core exchanges at the same time will earn you a bonus? Well it’s true! and if you upgrade you will earn a second bonus on top of that. This second bonus is control by each exchange and can raise and lower each day based on what that admin sets it to.

Let’s get into the details about setting up your surf bonus and how it looks.

When surfing on Hitsafari your surf bar will look something like the image below…



The part with the random images is how to move on to the next page after the counter on the right expires to zero. Clicking on the same image will credit your account and take you to the next page.

The 10% PSC Free Bonus OFF means you are currently not set up in PSC, or not surfing Hitsafari, Realhitz4u and Soaring4Traffic at the same time. (Please note once you do start surfing all 3 exchanges it could take anywhere up to 5 minutes before the system detects you and starts giving you your bonus.)

The 10% Upgraded Bonus OFF means you are not upgraded at PSC which is only $7 a month or upgrade yearly for just $49.95. This surf bonus is just one small benefit of being an upgraded member at PSC.

Steps To Setting Up Your PSC Account

1. Join Power Surf Central By Clicking Here

2. After you confirm your email please login to your account and click on the tab at the top that says Setup PSC

3. You will need to be a member at all 3 of our traffic exchanges Hitsafari, Realhitz4u and Soaring4Traffic you can join the sites by clicking on the banner or text link from PSC. After you have joined each you will need to input your user ID number



4. Once you had done this for each exchange Hitsafari, Realhitz4u and Soaring4Traffic you will want to double check your ID’s. You can see if its set up correctly in Power Surf Central by clicking on the tab called Surf Stats

pscsurfstats      <=  Menu Button                                             pscyourids  <= Your ID’s for each exchange should show here

If they don’t be sure to double check your ID’s are entered correctly.

5. How to start claiming your 10% Bonus

Simply open Hitsafari, Realhitz4u and Soaring4Traffic and start surfing each (within 5 minutes your surf bar should look something like this…

pscsurfbar10percentmore You are now earning 10% more credits while you surf

6. Upgrade Your PSC Account To Earn Even More

Want to unlock that extra upgraded bonus along with 60% commissions and other great benefits?

Login to your PSC account and click on the upgrade tab. You have two choices $7 a month or $49.95 a year. If you referred just 2 people and they upgraded you’d already be in profit plus earning huge bonuses!

Surf and Enjoy!

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