PSC Weekly Update For 2/18/2013

This is a start of weekly updates we will be doing every Monday for Power Surf Central. Each week we will outline any changes made to the site along with updates and other information. Each will be broken up into sections as follows….


- Updated all 3 surf bars HitSafari, Realhitz4u and Soaring4Traffic to include your picture and your social connection buttons to be shared whenever your site appears to another member. In order for this to work you will need to make sure your 3 ID NUMBERS are entered correctly under Setup PSC.

- Added 3 new 468×60 banners to help you refer members to PSC, each banner outlines a key feature of the site such as rewards, 10% bonus and social.

- Quick join squeeze page has been added to your promote area, we will constantly update this page with new graphics and information to keep it fresh looking and improve conversions.

The Numbers

136 New members last week

13,764 Average views to affiliate pages per day

The Future

While we can’t go into to much detail here we are working hard every day to improve the site both back end (things you really don’t see) and front end (all the stuff you use and see)

One of our main focuses this week is conversions on sales, we will be adding a login offer that better presents what benefits upgraded members get from PSC. This should greatly improve your conversion rates and earn you more cash commissions. Remember free members earn 30% commissions while upgraded members earn 60% commission.


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