Thinking About co-op Advertising?

There has been a lot of talk and new sites that have recently launched claiming to be traffic and banner co-ops lately.

Would you really consider them a co-op?

How do you know if the money you are spending is worth it?

Co-op advertising has been around for a long time but has become increasingly popular lately in the traffic exchange niche. The idea behind it is to pool every-ones money together and use that money to buy into larger markets of advertising that you would not have been able to do so on your own. Because of this large sum of “pool” money the owner of the co-op can then buy in bulk getting a reduced rate and more bang for your buck. How we use them in traffic exchanges and list builders is pooling the money together and buying in bulk on random traffic exchanges and list builders.

However to me a co-op is everyone that buys in for the month gets an even share of advertising  for that month. But many of these so called co-op advertising sites are asking you to buy packages of banner impressions or credits at a discount and then buying traffic from other exchanges. To me that is just called credit reselling and is a clear violation of most traffic exchanges if you read their TOS (Terms Of Service).

Before you join an advertising co-op think about what you are actually buying and ask questions first. Such as, where does the traffic come from and if you are buying a share of the advertising each month or just buying credits.

Just with any advertising you need to know how much your paying for the advertising and what it’s bringing in. If I spend $1 on advertising I expect $1.01 in return or better to consider it a successful campaign. Be sure to track and see if it’s producing leads, signups or sales depending on what you are promoting and what your goals are.

I run a powerful advertising co-op myself that runs off a monthly slot base. The money that is brought in I use to buy in bulk and then evenly distribute that traffic to all co-op holders for as long as they keep paying for those slots. (normally on a monthly basis) I do this for both raw traffic to splash pages and squeeze pages along with a banner co-op for 468×60 banners. You can join it free at LeadCrusader and have a look around.

What do you feel a real co-op is? (Buying of credits, or Buying a slot evenly divided upon all active co-op members)

What do you expect to get out of a co-op? (Leads, Sign ups, Sales or something else)

Let us know by leaving your comments below

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