What Is A Traffic Exchange?

Like you I once was brand new to traffic exchanges but fell in love with the idea of promoting my ads to thousands for free. It was because of this I started my own exchange a few years ago and now created Power Surf Central. Like any marketing niche there is a right way to use it and the wrong way. Lets go over what exactly a traffic exchange is and what are acceptable sites to promote on it.

What is a traffic exchange?

A traffic exchange is a membership site where all members can surf and view other members sites. This is done based on a system of credits where 1 credit is equal to one random member of the site to visit your page for a set amount of seconds. You can also convert these credits into banner and text ads to help promote your sites even more. Each exchange has upgrade options which will allow you to earn more credits and normally a higher commission rate as well.

By referring others to these traffic exchanges you will earn a portion of their credits earned while surfing along with commissions if they upgrade or buy advertising on the site. By creating a solid downline of active members you can drive more traffic and even earn cash paid to you via Paypal for doing so.

What should I promote on a traffic exchange and whats acceptable?

Each traffic exchange has their own terms of service so be sure to review them and understand the rules before posting your site. Violation of the terms of service could be a simple warning or having your account suspended.

In most cases porn, warz, illegal, hate, paid to promote etc. are not allowed on these sites. Please use your best judgement or contact the owner if you are unsure before you start posting your ads.

What you should promote are squeeze pages, landing pages and splash pages. Below is an example of each style of layout.

Splash page


A quick loading image that when clicked opens your website in a new window. This allows the surfer to keep surfing but if they find your ad interesting they can click on it and fully interact with your site when they see fit.

Landing page


A bit larger then your standard squeeze page and a longer opt in form. These are mostly used when joining MLM type sites or to create an account to a membership site.

Squeeze page


A fast loading image that fits with no scrolling that asks the visitor to input their name and email address to acquire more information about a product or service you are offering. These are great for building an email list and promoting your products and services to this person via email marketing. The best auto responder I have found to use so far that is both user friendly and has a high rate of delivery is aWeber which you can get started with for just $1 via the link.

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